Origami by Andrew Anselmo

Other Projects

Shark Car

The car is a 1994 Saab 900 SE Turbo. Since it is a daily driver, the modifications necessary to make the Shark Car were temporary. This was originally built for the 2000 Mystic River Fish Parade. The car was well received. The only failure was when the left hand side fin control line came undone from the roof about 80% through the parade. Additional ideas would be to have some sort of moving mouth on the hood, moving gills, and/or the theme to "Jaws" on a tape or CD to make a more multimedia presentation.

2000 Mystic River Fish Parade, Somerville, MA

SHARK CAR IMGThe Shark Car. There are three vertical fins, two moving tail fins, two moving main fins, gills on each door, and a mouth.

How it was done:

The fins are styrofoam, roughly cut with and X-acto knife and sanded. Then they were painted with regular household latex paint. Suction cups were used to attach the fins to the car. The connection between the suction cups and the fins were done with pieces of cut coat hanger, epoxied into the fin base. By attaching monofilament to the fins and routing them to the sunroof, the fins were made to deploy when the sunroof opened up. The hood was covered in paper, cut to size, then finished by painting with latex paint. Contact paper was used for the teeth and for the fish on the rear windows. The Shark Car is a temporary art car, but can achieve speeds of up to 20 mph without any deleterious effects. Details on the mechanism are shown below.

2000 Convergence Festival, Providence, RI

Shark Car, 2000 Convergence FestivalThis car also ran in the RhodeRally Parade for the Convergence Festival, in Providence, RI on Saturday, 9 September, 2000. Here is their site for details on the parade and the art cars that were there.

Here is the Shark Car surrounded by other tasty cars, with the fins retracted.

Details on the Shark Car. Left: Suction cups on the sunroof connect to monofilament (fishing line), routed through coat hanger wire and suction cup guides. Right: Hinges on the styrofoam fins, also made out of coat hangers epoxied to the fins.

Extreme closeups of the suction cups and monofilament guides made from coat hangers and suction cups.

Union Square Festival

This car also had an appearance in the Union Square Festival. A new, larger, rear fin was created for this static Art Car displayThe Shark Car even got some time on the Somerville Community Access Television channel.