Origami by Andrew Anselmo

About Origami

Origami (the Japanese word for paperfolding), as a combination of art, mathematics and engineering, and has always fascinated me. I have been folding since I was a kid, and began giving away origami in 1990 during a trip to Turkey. In 2001 I started street performing in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA), and now perform at Waterfire (Providence, RI) as well as at scores of other places, both public and private.

I have come up with many original pieces, and am most proud of my "Candy Wrapper Dragon," created explicitly for the independent movie of the same name. I am a member of OrigamiUSA, the largest origami organization in the United States, and have taught at the yearly OrigamiUSA convention in New York. I have also taught at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, the Arlington Center for the Arts and at various other venues.

The origami world has many subfields; my specialties include folding moving models very quickly, and folding origami from US currency (dollar bill origami). The installation "Time Is Money Is Art", created for the Windows Art Project, shows my original "Dollar Bill $ Sign."

I am available to perform origami “live”, design original origami models, and fold classic origami pieces for whatever occasion you wish . For example, I have folded pieces as unique wedding favors, with paper of specified size and pattern.