Origami by Andrew Anselmo

Dollar Bill Origami

dollar bill origami by Andrew AnselmoOne of my specialties is folding with US currency, or "dollar bill" origami. US currency, regardless of denomination (and unlike traditional square origami paper) is in the proportions of 3:7, and therefore can be the basis of some interesting models. Here are some of the ones I've designed; all diagrams are in Adobe PDF format.

Original Designs

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Dollar Bill Bouncer

I found this a while ago, and am finally putting it online! The characterstics of the dollar bill's paper make this a snappy jumping piece.

microinstallations       microinstallations

A short video shows how it works. It works well with a new crisp dollar bill. (The Windows WMV file on how to this works is here, or just click on the picture below.)

Model 0040 Movie

Dollar Bill Octagonal Ring - The Great Seal/Unfinished Pyramid

Many dollar bill rings have been created; this is my own version. It can be made showing the Great Seal of the United States, or the Unfinished Pyramid. The face has an octagonal shape, but can also be made square.

Dollar Bill Octagonal Ring


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